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An introduction to the magic that a fresh approach can bring

Big Splash Communications is an exciting Worcestershire-based business which offers fast-paced professional marketing support to help you promote your business more creatively and effectively!

The company is run by Sarah Rees, who was awarded chartered marketer status in 2010 for her commitment to providing a professional service and adhering to best practice guidelines.

Big Splash helps all types of businesses, especially small and medium size enterprises, to more successfully communicate with their customer base or target audience.

With a proven record of outstanding service commitment and a results driven approach, Big Splash offers the assurance that you can place your work knowing everything will be professionally handled, so you can move on to your next business task.

... make a bigger splash

Our quote of the month

"For a business not to advertise is like
winking at a girl in the dark. You know
what you are doing but no one else does"

Stuart H. Britt
US advertising consultant

Creative design
Print-ready artwork
Print management
Marketing support
Event management